Curved Stair Lifts – Do You Really Need One?

Although there are many things to take into account when looking at stair lifts for your home, one of the biggest matters to settle is knowing if you actually need a curved lift for your staircase or not. I know this may seem like a simple question, but the answers may just surprise you.

Purchasing a curved chair lift is costly, and you can expect it to cost much more than a regular straight lift will. The reason why is due to the lift having to be custom designed and built for your particular stairway. All curved stairs are different in homes.

You can often reduce the costs for looking into getting a used or even reconditioned lift instead of going with a new model. But again, it will in all likelihood need to be reworked to fit in your home correctly.

Can You Use A Straight Stair Lift On A Curved Staircase Instead?

When you begin doing your research and talking lift rumah with various companies that specialize in lifts, you may find that do not need a curved model after all. For example, if you have an “L” shaped staircase that has a flat landing area in the middle of the L, you could possibly use two straight lifts and connect them together.

Obviously, this would save you a substantial amount of money and work just as well in the meantime. Although it will work, there is still an issue to deal with. Since this would be two separate stair lifts, you would need to most likely transfer to the other lift as you go up or down. This can be a bit of a hassle to deal with for some people. For others it is well worth the additional savings.

How Long Does It Take To Get A Curved Lift Built?

The other question that people often have is in knowing how long to expect it to take to get a curved chair lift built for their home? Although it can vary from one company to the next, you should expect around 2-3 months for it to be completed and installed in your home.

In the event you can get a used lift reconfigured for your home, you would be looking at a shorter time frame. In many cases it can take as little as a couple of weeks to have it set up and operating in your home.

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