Writing E-Book Romance Novels

Who says a romance novel is only a romance novel if it comes in book form? Did you know there are 10s of thousands of romance novels online in e-book form? They are just as good many of them, but they cost a lot less, better yet there are some that are free. These come from new writer’s perhaps women with exciting romance fantasies, so good and so well developed in their minds that they could not contain them.

Thus, they have written them down and put them online. You can do the same thing. Perhaps, you can write a romance novel or two and put them online and get a following going. Once you นิยายแปล have a large number of downloads maybe you’ll be ready to write one, which you can charge for? Did you know that many of the newest romance novelists started this way?

In fact, occasionally you will find some of the top romance novelists offering their best works in e-book formats, which you can download and read. This works out great for them and for you. First, it costs less to produce and thus, you pay less. Second, a larger percentage of the money goes to the actual author rather than the publishing company.

It’s a win/win and a great way to help the author make more money so they can put out a larger volume of new works and future romance novels. Why not try it out and download a couple of free e-book romance novels from unknown authors and then download a few from popular authors for a fraction of the cost.

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